Warwickshire Rural EV project helps businesses go electric

Warwickshire Rural EV project helps businesses go electric



The Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicle project has been helping businesses go electric, providing a £2000 grant to go towards an EV and charging point.

Taste of the Country, based in South Warwickshire, is just one of the businesses who have taken advantage of the scheme. They utilised the available grant to purchase a Nissan LEAF. Director, Jim Cherry, commented:

“The electric vehicle has been perfect for us with routine short journeys and I am sure our customers are pleased we are not creating any air pollution when we are in and out of town each day. It is an exciting time for us with our plans for the future”

The project has also helped Pinnacle Care Ltd, a specialist dementia residential care and day care business, make the switch to electric transport. Virginia Bowen, director of the said:

“We had been using a diesel powered vehicle to transport staff and visitors between Rugby town centre and our semi-rural site at Wolston Grange as there was limited public transport. But when it came due for replacement we decided to look for other solutions and a feasibility study identified financial savings by going electric. The Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicle project provided grant funding towards the electric vehicle and installed a free charge point. Since taking delivery of the vehicle in May 2014 we have now covered over 6000 miles and saved over £750 on fuel.”

Grant funding is currently still available to other rural businesses for electric vehicles in Warwickshire, with a focus upon support for electric vans. Contact Greenwatt Technology on 01789 761367 or by email transport@greenwatt.co.uk for more details.