World EV Day: Where are we now?

World EV Day: Where are we now?


To celebrate World EV Day 2022, we looked deep within the Zap-Map vaults to create two short videos showcasing the amazing growth of the UK’s public EV charging network over the years.

From the first 141 charge points ever added to Zap-Map way back in 2011, to the most recent rapid and ultra-rapid charging hubs added to the network, they’re all here.

So where are we now? Well, in 2022, it’s certainly great to see that wherever you are, you’re never far away from an EV charge point these days.

How is the UK’s charging network growing over time?

In this first video you can see the growth of all public charging devices across the UK.

With a variety of use cases for electric vehicle chargers, much more so than with a petrol or diesel vehicle, it’s really encouraging to see the UK’s charging infrastructure showing growth in a number of different areas.

While the number of ultra-rapid chargers often draws attention, slower chargers also have a critical role to play. They might not provide the excitement of adding hundreds of miles in minutes – but with more than half a million pure-electric cars now on UK roads, their part to play in the adoption of electric cars is just as important as their ultra-rapid counterparts

How is the UK’s high-speed charging network growing?

This second video shows only rapid and ultra-rapid chargers, which tend to be used for ‘en route’ charging during longer electric journeys.

With the rapid growth in the popularity of EVs, things are really stepping up a gear. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that the UK’s charging infrastructure continues to develop at pace so that driving an electric car is as simple as possible.

As the video shows, over the past few years the UK has seen significant investment from the private sector into the country’s high-speed charging network, and we’re now beginning to see the benefits.