XL Leasing supply deal for EV OneStop.co.uk

XL Leasing supply deal for EV OneStop.co.uk


EV One Stop has been picked by XL Leasing to supply charging equipment for its plug-in vehicles. The agreement sees the EV charging equipment specialists set to provide the short term leasing firm with charge points and cables.

Martin Walker, of XL Leasing, said: “Many of the vehicles came without cables when they arrived to us, and our customers buying into EVs needed cables and charging points. So that we could offer a hassle free solution we needed to partner with an experienced company which is used to dealing with the general public and can offer a quick service.

“We chose EV OneStop.co.uk as they are reliable but also hold large stocks – so we could get equipment immediately. We are happy with our choice and look forward to leasing lots of EVs on short term lease plans.”

EV OneStop.co.uk Managing Director Bianca Alsop said: “The staff at XL Leasing have many years of national experience of providing niche vehicle contract hire. Just like EV OneStop.co.uk, XL offer a wide range of choice – especially within the EV and PHEV field – and always put the customer first.

“Many other companies dealing in EV focus on fancy systems. At EV OneStop.co.uk we just want to get you charging at home and at work – and get you on your way.”