Zap-Insights: UK network market share

Zap-Insights: UK network market share


As the number of public EV charge points across the UK grows month on month, Zapmap continues to track the composition and profile of this charging infrastructure on the Zapmap stats page.

In response to user demand, Zapmap has now added two new charts which show the the market share of UK charging points by network, for both the whole charging network and rapid only charging points.

Note that this data can be used by third parties as long as the source is clearly attributed to Zapmap, a logo is added to any graphs and if online, a link is added back to

In addition to the high-level tracking data, Zapmap provides an Zap-Insights service for organisations looking for more in-depth analysis on EV charging data and behaviour.

Which charging network operates the most EV charging points in the UK?


zap insights uk network market share


As can be seen in the market share chart above, Polar, owned by BP Chargemaster, operates the most charging points in the UK, currently holding just shy of 13% of the whole UK EV charging market. The 2,405-strong network is a mix of rapid and non-rapid points and covers most of the UK; the company also owns the Charge Your Car network.

Second in-line is ubitricity which integrates charge points within lamp posts and now has 2,144 charge points, accounting for 11.5% market share. Over the past 12 months, ubitricity has seen high growth as local authorities have looked to install on-street charging as a solution for EV drivers that do not have access to off-street parking.

Another early mover in the UK charging scene Pod Point, now owned by EDF Energy, rounds off the three largest charging networks in the UK, with a 10.7% market share. Whilst Pod Point has a few rapid chargers, the network’s main focus is on lower-powered destination or top-up chargers, and Pod Point units can be found in car parks, attractions, and retail parks across the country.

The live interactive market share chart can be viewed on our EV charging stats page here.

Which charging network operates the most rapid EV charging points in the UK?


zap insights uk network market share


Looking at the rapid network, Polar also operates the most charging points, with 559 charge points, accounting for just over 17% of the rapid charging market. Next up is the Tesla Supercharger network, arguably not strictly “public” as it only serves Tesla vehicles, with 14.5% of the rapid market.

A more recent entrant InstaVolt, with its rapid only & contactless payment network, is the third largest rapid network in the UK with 414 rapid charge points and 12.6% of UK rapid charge points.

There is more market concentration in rapid charging, probably due to the higher installation costs, with just seven networks operating 75% of all rapid charging devices in the UK. In comparison, the whole market has 14 networks making up ~75% of all charging devices in the UK.

The live interactive rapid market share chart and lots of other UK charging point statistics can also be viewed on our EV charging stats page here.

For more information on the UK charging networks, head over to our public charging networks page.