Zap-Pay gathers momentum in run-up to Fully Charged Live

Zap-Pay gathers momentum in run-up to Fully Charged Live


Zap-Map, the UK’s leading EV mapping service, is delighted to announce that five more charge point operators have joined the company’s payment system, Zap-Pay. The string of sign-ups comes as the EV community prepares for Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged Live show, which takes place on the first weekend of September. 

GeniePoint,, Motor Fuel Group (MFG), Revive and Mer have all recently signed up to Zap-Pay. They join existing Zap-Pay networks ESB Energy and also Osprey, which was the exclusive Zap-Pay launch partner in September 2020. This means that Zap-Map’s 150,000 monthly active users will benefit from being able to search, plan and pay from within a single app at an increasing number of charge points across the UK, with more networks to be added soon.  

On-street charging provider is the latest network to go live with Zap-Pay, meaning that Zap-Map users can search, plan and now pay for their EV charging at locations in Greater London. Nationwide charging network GeniePoint, with its broad range of destination and rapid chargers at locations such as Morrisons and Premier Inn, will be live with Zap-Pay imminently. 

More recent sign-ups include MFG, the largest independent forecourt operator in the UK, which joined earlier in the summer; Revive, the network for the West of England; and Mer, owned by Norwegian giant Statkraft.  

The simple way to pay for EV charging across networks from within the Zap-Map app, Zap-Pay was launched last year with a mission to include all the key charge point networks across the UK. As a single-app payment system that uses a credit or debit card to pay for charging, Zap-Pay avoids the hassle of using different payment methods across all the various networks. 

Once all seven networks are live – expected to be by October this year – over 2,000 charging devices across the UK and over 4,000 connectors will be Zap-Pay enabled. It also means that the Zap-Pay partner network is not only nationwide, but now includes all types of EV charging, from the very latest ultra-rapid chargers through to on-street and lamp-post charging closer to home.  

In addition to this, usage of Zap-Pay has been increasing significantly in recent months, especially in the run-up to Fully Charged Live as the EV community readies itself for Llewellyn’s September show. It is a trend that is only set to accelerate as more networks come online with Zap-Pay and drivers increasingly see it as the simple way to charge across networks, within the familiar Zap-Map app.

zap pay gathers momentum fully charged live

Usage of Zap-Pay has increased significantly in recent months.

Alex Earl, Commercial Director at Zap-Map, commented: 

“It’s great to see Zap-Pay gathering such momentum over recent months, not least because the EV community is crying out for simple solutions to what is currently a complex puzzle. 

“As electric vehicles become mainstream, we need to make paying for charging as simple as possible, and that’s exactly what Zap-Pay does. As a single-app payment solution, it avoids the hassle of using different payment methods across all the various networks. 

“I’m thrilled to see that Zap-Pay now covers such a broad network of different chargers across the country. The increase in usage also gives a clear indication that Zap-Pay is the solution Zap-Map users needed.” 

Zap-Map, which was launched in June 2014 with a mission to accelerate the shift to EVs and help the drive towards zero carbon mobility, displays over 95% of the UK’s public charge points, of which around 70% show live status data updated every five minutes. Over 75% of the UK EV drivers have downloaded Zap-Map, which has grown 60% since 2020, in line with the electric vehicle market. 

Zap-Map is exhibiting at this year’s Fully Charged OUTSIDE 2021 and the team is looking forward to meeting Zap-Map partners and the EV driving community at the show, many of whom will be using Zap-Map to get them there!