Zap-Pay now available across Engenie rapid network

Zap-Pay now available across Engenie rapid network


Zap-Map has completed the roll-out of Zap-Pay on all of launch partner Engenie’s public EV charge points as planned. This means that Zap-Map users can search, plan and pay for their EV charging at more than 150 rapid charge points across the UK, with more networks being added shortly.

Available to all EV drivers on the latest version of both iOS and Android versions of the Zap-Map mobile apps, Zap-Pay offers a seamless charging experience and requires no membership, additional apps or RFID cards.

Ben Lane, CTO and Joint MD of Zap-Map said: “We are delighted that Zap-Pay is now enabled on all the Engenie charge points right across the UK. We have already had a great response to the service from both EV drivers and the industry, and we look forward to adding more networks and extending the simple payment experience for our 100K+ monthly users.”

Ian Johnston, CEO of Engenie added: “It has been fantastic to read the positive feedback from EV drivers using Zap-Pay to enjoy a charge on the Engenie network. Importantly, we have seen significant numbers of new EV drivers who trust Zap-Map choosing to use the service as a simple way to enjoy public rapid charging.”

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The Zap-Pay enabled charge points can be found on the apps using the payment or network filters. EV drivers can either add a payment method when starting the charge session or set-up an account ahead of time. Users can view live status data whilst away from the charging point, and VAT receipts and charging history are stored in the app.

The rollout of Zap-Pay to the Engenie charge points has been phased through September to ensure thorough usability testing. There has already been multiple charging sessions using Zap-Pay, with excellent feedback from users.

In the coming months Engenie will be joined shortly by three other networks – ESB, LiFe, and Hubsta – and then Zap-Pay will be rolled out across other participating networks through 2021.