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As the UK’s No.1 mapping service, Zap-Map attracts many thousands of visitors to the website and apps each month. In addition to the charge point map, Zap-Map provides supporting information on charging and electric vehicles to help current or prospective electric vehicle (EV) drivers to make more informed choices and enjoy their electric motoring experience.

With long-standing experience in the EV market, a large EV audience and broad data sets, Zap-Map provides solutions for charge point networks, OEMs, EV installers and other organisations in the e-mobility space.

Network services

Zap-Map works with the charge point networks to provide cross-network payment, integrated live status data, market insights and analysis – all with the aim of increasing network visibility and utilisation.

Advertising and sponsorship

With a highly targeted audience, Zap-Map is an ideal platform for anyone looking to reach current or prospective electric car drivers. Banner advertising, sponsorship and social media campaigns are all available.

EV Content and Tools

Researching an electric car purchase creates many questions. Zap-Map can provide customisable calculators and tools which can be easily integrated into your site.

Add Zap-Map to your site

Adding a charging map to your website can provide reassurance to potential EV drivers on the breadth and depth of the UK charging infrastructure. Fully customisable, Zap-Map can be embedded into most websites via an iframe.

Installer promotion

Charging point installers can promote their products and services via the highly targeted Zap-Map “Find a Home or Work installer” tool. Free listings are available to all, whilst an Enhanced Listing provides additional visibility.

Market Insights

With an extensive EV audience and a rich charging point database, Zap can provide essential insights from EV market surveys, EV and charging market reports, utilisation analysis and data licenses.


Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss or have more information on any of the above; at Zap-Map we are always interested in hearing from companies operating in the EV sector with ideas for working together and partnerships.