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As the UK’s No.1 EV mapping service, Zap-Map attracts many thousands of visitors to the website and apps each month. In addition to the charge point map, Zap-Map provides supporting information on electric vehicles (EV) and EV charging to help current or prospective EV drivers to make more informed choices and enjoy their electric motoring experience.

With long-standing experience in the EV market, a large and engaged EV driving audience and broad data sets, Zap-Map provides solutions for charge point networks, OEMs, charge point installers and other organisations in the e-mobility space.


With a highly targeted audience of over 200,000 unique visitors to the website and 180,000 unique visitors on the app each month, Zap-Map is an ideal platform for anyone looking to reach current or prospective electric car drivers. Banner advertising, app advertising, newsletter and social media campaigns are all available.

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Content and tools

Researching an EV and related services can throw up many questions. Zap-Map can provide data-driven calculators and tools, including the charge point map to help your customers and partners understand EV charging. Fully customisable, the tools and map can be embedded into most websites via an I-Frame.

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Data and insights

Behind the Zap-Map app is a rich data set of charge points, vehicles and driver behaviour. Zap-Map can provide essential insights from EV market surveys, regular EV and charging reports to charge point utilisation analysis. In addition, Zap-Map has a charge point and EV data API, which can be licenced by third parties for internal analysis purposes.

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Charge point operators

Zap-Map works with charge point operators to provide cross-network payment, integrated live status data, market insights and analysis – all with the aim of increasing network visibility and utilisation.

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Dealers are at the forefront of the transition to electric vehicles. Zap-Map has developed a dedicated Dealer Portal where dealers can find information to help them sell EVs and support their EV customers.

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As fleets increasingly transition to electric vehicles, fleet managers are looking for solutions to help their drivers search, plan and pay for EV charging while maintaining a clear overview of their fleet’s costs and emissions. Zap-Map has partnered with Allstar to provide exactly that solution.

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Other partners

Zap-Map works with a wide variety of partners throughout the broader electric vehicle ecosystem, including charge point networks, parking companies, automotive manufacturers, energy companies, insurance companies, fleet operators, lease companies, as well as local and national governments and more.

We are always interested in working with companies where we can add value and ultimately help to accelerate the transition to zero-emission mobility.

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