Zap-Map partnership with Allstar

zap-map partnership with allstar makes charging simple for fleets with evs

Zap-Map in partnership with Allstar makes charging simple for fleets 

Our focus is to make EV charging simple and, with more and more fleets on the road, we want to ensure we provide the best solutions to help fleet drivers and fleet managers with EV charging.

To support fleets we have partnered with Allstar, one of the UK’s leading fuel payment providers, and have integrated the Allstar One Electric card into Zap-Map giving the following benefits:

EV drivers:

  •  ●  Ability to search, plan and pay for EV charging using one simple app
  •  ●  Access to all of Zap-Map’s great features, as well as enhanced features for Allstar card holders
  •  ●  No need to keep receipts 

Allstar One Electric gives fleet managers:

  •  ●  One clear overview of all fuel costs, combining electric with petrol and diesel 
  •  ●  Simplified admin with one HMRC-compliant invoice for all transactions across all fuel types, ensuring all VAT is fully recovered 
  •  ●  Full visibility of spend across your fleet 

How it works

Fleets should sign up for an Allstar One Electric account, if they don’t have an account already. Card holders can then download the standard Zap-Map app and add their Allstar One Electric card as a payment option, unlocking enhanced features on the app.

Users will be able to search and pay for charging using the Allstar One Electric card via the app, and also access all the standard Zap-Map features:

  •  ●  Search for available charge points with live updates and detailed charge point information 
  •  ●  Plan your journey with available charge points on route with the ability to edit and save routes 
  •  ●  Share updates with other EV drivers
  •  ●  Drive smarter with in-car support via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (requires additional subscription)

What networks does it cover?

zap-map allstar partnership app screenshot

The Allstar One Electric card gives users access to a growing multi-brand network of over 5,000 charge points, which can be filtered in the app. Alongside this, the Zap-Map app provides details on all public charge points across the UK. 

With the Allstar Electric charging network users can:

  •  ●  Access 10 charge point providers though a multi-branded charging network: EB, Mer, GeniePoint, Source London, Alfa Power, ESB Energy, Hubsta, Franklin LiFe, Osprey, PlugNGo 
  •  ●  Get back on the road with access to over 1,500 rapid chargers and over 3,300 fast chargers 
  •  ●  Reduce range anxiety with UK-wide charging coverage 
  •  ●  Choose from a range of pricing options for EV charging, helping control costs