How to redeem your offer code on Android

Below is a step-by-step guide to redeeming your offer code for Zapmap Premium on Android with screenshots from the app.

Step 1 – Check your subscription status

Check your subscription status. Click View subscription plans if already not subscribed.

Screengrab of the Subscription status page


Step 2 – Select your subscription plan

Select Zapmap Premium.

Screengrab of renew subscription plan page


Step 3 – Select your payment method

Press the arrow to change your payment method & show the option of adding a code.

Screengrab of select payment method page


Step 5 – Enter your code

Enter your code in the text box provided.

screengrab of redeem code page


Step 6 – Press Continue

If your code is successful, you will see this screen. Press Continue.

screengrab of code successful screen

Step 7 – See your offer applied

The orange circle highlights where you can see which offer has been applied.

screengrab of see offer applied page


Step 8 – View your successful subscription
View your subscription status on the Subscriptions page. In this case the subscription level is Premium Yearly.

screengrab of sucessful subscription



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