How to redeem your offer code on iOS

Below is a step-by-step guide to redeeming your offer code for Zapmap Premium on iOS with screenshots.

Step 1 – Open the App Store

App store


Step 2 – Select Redeem gift code

Click on Redeem Gift Card or Code, as highlighted in the circle.


Screengrab of redeem code page in app store


Step 3 – Enter code

Enter your code using your camera.


Screen grab of redeem offer page


Step 4 – Press Redeem Offer

Press the Redeem Offer button.


screengrab of redeem offer button


Step 5 – Double click side button to redeem

Double click side button


Press blue button screengrab


Step 6 – See your subscription confirmation

Open Zapmap once your subscription is confirmed.


Screengrab of subscription confirmation banner

Step 7 – View your subscriptions

Click on the Zapmap Subscriptions button. In this case the subscription level is Premium Yearly.

View subscription confirmed screengrab

Step 8 – View your Zapmap subscription

View your Zapmap subscription and select See All Plans.

Screengrab of app store subscription


Step 9 – See your subscription status

Manage your Zapmap subscription on this page.

Screengrab Zapmap app subscription page



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