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UK charging points come in different shapes, sizes and speeds. The Zap-Map search tools are designed to help electric vehicle (EV) drivers find the charging points suited to their individual needs. You can now search by Location, Charger Type, Connector or EV model. To simply view all the charging points in the UK, explore Zap-Map Live, where you can also filter results by charger type.

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24/11/2015: Zap-Map 3.0 (BETA) has been released with the aim of providing better functionality and useability for Zap-Map users. The new database and features will be rolled out across Zap-Stats, Search, iOS and Android apps in the next few weeks. During this time there may be some data discrepancy between platforms.

search charging points
Charge Points by Location

charge point location search

Find charging points in the UK by location. Use Zap-Map’s ‘Search by Location’ tool to filter charge points by area, postcode or full/partial address

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Charge Points by Charger type

slow charger
fast charger
rapid ac charger
rapid dc charger

Find charging points in the UK by Charger Type. Use Zap-Map’s ‘Search by Charger Type’ tool to filter charge points by Slow, Fast, Rapid AC or Rapid DC type

As you may already know, not every electric vehicle model is compatible with every charger type. Furthermore, even if the vehicle is compatible, an EV owner may need an additional cable to facilitate a charge. For this reason, Zap-Map has created two additional search tools to help locate UK charge points by Connector Type and EV Model. You can also determine vehicle-charger compatibility by using our Connector Selector tool.

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Charge Points by Connector

ccs (combo)

Find UK charging points by connector type. Use the ‘Search by Connector’ tool to filter by connector e.g. Type 1, CCS, CHAdeMO, mennekes, Tesla, Commando

search charging points
Charge Points by
EV Model


Find charging points in the UK by EV Model. Use Zap-Map’s ‘Search by EV Model’ tool to filter charge points by electric vehicle model

To learn more about charging points, including information on the different charger types and connectors, public charging networks as well as sections on charging at home and work, visit our charging point pages. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more on electric vehicles including the available models and buying guide go to Zap-Map’s EV pages.

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