Journey Cost Calculator

Use the Journey Cost Calculator to discover the savings you could enjoy by switching from a petrol or diesel car to an electric vehicle. The Journey Cost Calculator is sponsored by EV Experts – who help consumers and businesses go electric.

ABOUT OUR SPONSOR: EV Experts specialise in electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. The EV Experts team are passionate about electric cars with a mission to provide independent, reliable, expert advice and to sell carefully selected, reliable, desirable vehicles. Completely committed to finding the right electric car for you and your lifestyle and demonstrating the benefits of going electric. Independent of any manufacturer. Organise the installation of home and office charge points. Stock a range of nearly new and pre-owned vehicles which can be experienced at their base in Surrey with easy access to M25 (J10), A3, M3, M4, south west London, Sussex and Hampshire.

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For details on how to use the Journey Cost Calculator and how it estimate fuel costs, follow the link to the Journey Cost Calculator Guide.

EV Experts help consumers and businesses to go electric – they really know electric cars, exclusively selling EVs and plug-in hybrids. Contact the team by phone/email to talk through what you need from your next car or visit their base in Surrey (easy access to M25, A3, London) or drop-in online.