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The Zap-Map app enables EV drivers to locate and navigate to charging points across the UK. With over 5,000 locations, 9,000 devices and 16,000 connectors mapped, Zap-Map shows charge points from both the major networks and smaller providers across the UK. Free to download, the Zap-Map app is an essential tool for EV drivers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Download the iOS app (3.8) from the Apple App store and the Android app (3.8) from Google Play.



UK-wide charging point map
The Zap-Map App offers a UK-wide charging point map currently showing over 5,000 charging locations and over 16,000 connectors. Clicking on search icon (fig 1.1), gives users the option to search UK charge points by postcode or location. In addition to the map view, there is also a list view, accessible from the navigation bar.

Use filters to identify suitable charge points
Zap-Map App users can filter map results by any combination of charge point type (slow, fast, rapid AC and rapid DC), connectors, location type, payment and access type. To do this users simply click on the filter icon on map or list. Default is all chargers; select options to filter then click Apply button.

Fig 1.1
april 10 2017
Fig 1.2
april 10 2017

View charge point info including dynamic network status data on Zap-Map
Dynamic network data is available for the POLAR, CYC, GeniePoint, SourceLondon, InstaVolt, ecarNI, ESB ecars, LiFe and EV Driver with other networks to follow. A blue outline on the marker indicates that the charge device is in use.

Other charge point information is accessible from both the map and the list. This includes the charging location’s full name and address, number and type of devices/connectors, network operator, access and parking costs, contact details and database licensing. Comments and photos can be accessed by clicking the Zap-Chat bubble.

Fig 2.1
ios simulator screen shot 3 feb 2015 11.11.05
Fig 2.2
ios simulator screen shot 3 feb 2015 11.09.12

Update charge points using Zap-Chat community feature
Users can log a successful charge, update charge point status, indicate the location is ICEd, add photos and last mile info for other EV drivers. This complements, where available, the dynamic live data. Users must be registered to post, but Zap-Chats can be seen by all. To add a Zap-Chat users simply click the bubble on the charge point info box, on the bottom nav or main menu. Users can also add general chat or question to the cafe area.

Fig 4.1
android april 2017
Fig 4.2
android april 2017

Add new public charge point, share your home point on Zap-Home network or suggest a charge point location
Users can add any public charge points not currently on Zap-Map via the easy to use wizard ensuring. Users can also add their home charger to the Zap-Home network providing other EV drivers with more charging options and providing a simple way to earn money with the option of using PayPal.Me facilitating peer-peer digital payment.

Fig 3.1
add charge point
Fig 3.2
zap-home details

– Map showing 5,000+ electric car charging locations, 9,000+ devices and 16,000+ connectors across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Updated regularly through dynamic network data feeds, Zap-Chat community layer and desk research.
– Dynamic network status is available for points on the POLAR, CYC, GeniePoint, SourceLondon, InstaVolt ESB ecars, ecarni, LiFe and EV Driver networks with more networks being added shortly. Status updates now show both network dynamic status (in blue) plus the latest updates on the charge point from Zap-Map users or network bots.
– Community feature “Zap-Chat” allows you to add successful charge, update charge point status, report ICEd, add photos/comments and “last mile” info for the benefit of the EV community. Zap-Chat now also has a “cafe” area where you can ask questions or chat with other Zap-Map users.
– List view of the above, including the charge point’s distance from your current or chosen location.
– Advanced filters enabling filtering by any combination of connectors, speed, network, location type and access.
– Charge point info on all points including status (network or Zap-Map user), network, location, charging power, connector type, pricing, access and contact details
– Favourites facility allowing you to view your favourites on the map or a list on any device. Use the favourites filter on Zap-Chat to see any new comments/status changes on your favourite points.
– Account section allows you to edit avatar, display name, EV model and contact preferences
– Channel to add a public point, share your home point on the Zap-Home network or suggest a new charger location.
– Navigation to a chosen charge point using native navigation app (via Google Maps)


Terms of use, privacy policy and data licensing apply when accessing Zap-Map App:
Data licensing:
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Download the IOS app from the Apple App store and the Android app from Google Play. Both the iOS and Android app are free to download.


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    I have a small problem when using zap map on my iPhone. After I have selected a charge point (such as Hollyhedge -KT113DQ) and go to information, then the statement at the bottom of the page next to the “i” symbol is curtailed with dots and I am unable to read the whole sentence. No amount of clicking, turning the phone sideways or trying to scroll seems to help. The information is important, but I cannot read it.

    Can you advise?



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