Pod Point network

pod point ev charging network guide

Pod Point operates the Pod Point network, which aims to offer a charge point everywhere drivers park. The network focuses on fast charging options, with some slow chargers available and an increasing number of rapid charge points installed.

Many Pod Point units are free to use, although some incur a pay-as-you-go charge. All points are accessed via the Pod Point smartphone or web app. Rapid Pod Point chargers at certain Tesco locations have a contactless payment option.

How much does the Pod Point network cost?

Pod Point

Membership cost: Free

Free app download

Cost per charge:
Device-specific pricing in place across network
Tesco: Fast – Free to use, Rapid – 28p /kWh
Lidl: 40p /kWh

How to use the Pod Point network

pod point access

Pod Point has an extensive UK-wide network, which requires a smartphone app or use of a web app to access the units. You can sign up for a Pod Point Account for free, or alternatively use guest access. The network’s rapid chargers at certain Tesco locations have a contactless payment option.

Pod Point also offers a 15-minute emergency charging buffer to confirm usage. This means that users can plug in their car and it will start charging immediately, with a 15-minute grace period allowed to make sure drivers can still confirm charging on their device, even when there is limited or no mobile phone signal, or internet access.

Finding Pod Point on Zap-Map

pod point filters

All Pod Point points can be found on Zap-Map by using the network filter. This can be used on desktop and mobile apps, and displays only those points available to use by Pod Point customers.

Charging types and speeds can be filtered too, showing only those points that are compatible with users’ cars.


About Pod Point

With an ever-growing number of public charge points, Pod Point is one of the UK’s largest charging networks. Founded in 2009 and based in London, Pod Point also provides charge points to home and business users.

Pod Point partners

Pod Point has official charging partnership arrangements with major automotive brands and Fleet customers. Pod Point is able to easily arrange smart home charging installations for customers and, in certain cases, offers a discount to drivers as part of the deal.