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Rapid Charging: Top 10 Network Pricing

The latest PAYG prices charged by the top 10 rapid charging networks below, updated on a monthly basis.

By: jadeedwards

Updated: 02/05/23

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Zapmap monitors the prices of charging on the public network and reports on the prices charged by the top 10* rapid charging networks below. The prices are updated on a monthly basis.


What’s the price of charging an electric car on the top 10 rapid charging networks?

The price to charge an electric car on one of the Top 10 rapid charging networks on 2nd May 2023 varies between 65p/kWh and 98p/kWh. You can see the prices charged by the top 10 public rapid charging networks in the infographic below.


Rapid and ultra-rapid charging prices - May 2023


Currently GeniePoint has the highest price at 98p/kWh, followed by the bp pulse, MFG EV Power and Osprey networks at 79p/kWh. At present the cheapest network is ChargePlace Scotland, where EV drivers are still able to charge for free at many locations, but where charges are applicable they can be up to £1/kWh.


How are rapid charging prices changing over time?

To simplify the pricing landscape and present the overall price paid by EV drivers to charge on the public network, Zapmap produces a Monthly Price Index from the data collected to drive the Zapmap app. The Monthly Price Index shows how the weighted average price to charge an electric car on the public charging network varies over time.  

Please note that third parties can use this data provided the source is clearly attributed to Zapmap, any graphs include the Zapmap logo, and a link is added back to www.zap-map.com in the body of the article. The data must be strictly copied and updated manually, no automated data collection can be applied in any form. The data can only be published in its original state and without any modifications.


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