GL384 charging point

This electric car charging point located at GL384, 1448 TA is part of the Shell Recharge network. There are 8 devices and 8 connectors available at this charging location.

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Charge point information

Location, payment and facilities
  • Network: Shell Recharge
  • Address:
    • GL384
    • Laan der Continenten 15
    • Purmerend
    • Noord-Holland
    • 1448 TA
  • Contact:
    • +4408000266440
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  • Access: Credit Card, Debit Card or RFID Card
  • Pricing: 63c/kWh
  • Charges may apply
  • Sources: Zapmap
  • Updated: 21st June 2024
Device 1 EFAC_HV_005-2
  • CCS (160kW)
Device 2 EFAC_HV_005-1
  • CHAdeMO (30kW)
Device 3 EFAC_HV_007-1
  • CHAdeMO (30kW)
Device 4 EFAC_HV_007-2
  • CCS (160kW)
Device 5 EFAC_HV_006-2
  • CCS (160kW)
Device 6 EFAC_HV_006-1
  • CHAdeMO (30kW)
Device 7 EFAC_HV_008-1
  • CHAdeMO (30kW)
Device 8 EFAC_HV_008-2
  • CCS (160kW)

This electric car charging point is located at Laan der Continenten 15, Purmerend, 1448 TA and it has 8 devices. This charging point is part of the Shell Recharge charging network.

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