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‘Search Zap-Map by EV Model’ displays all charging points with output connectors that can be used by a specific model of electric car or van. A location can be input using a keyword or using the’Find Me’ button as shown. Results in list or grid format show closest charging points first. To find out which connectors are compatible with a particular EV, use our Connector Selector tool.

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Search Tips

STEP 1: Select a location. Enter a location keyword in the box provided, or click the ‘Find Me’ button to auto-access your current position.

STEP 2: Select an EV model. Use the manufacturer and model drop-down menus to select a particular model. For more information on EV models, visit the Available EV Models page.

STEP 3: View your results. Search results can be viewed in three formats: List, Grid and Map. Click the button that matches your preference.

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    This search should have George Lane Car Park Marlborough SN8 4BY
    2 Type 2 (7kW) connectors

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