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Find Which Chargers connect with your EV

connector selector

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Connector Selector

Results will show charger types that
connect with a specific model
Select an EV using the drop-downs
(all models included by default)

For a selected model, the ‘Connector Selector’ displays the vehicle’s inlet sockets, potential charging speeds and which charger output connectors can be used by the specific model of electric car or van (using an appropriate cable).

RESULTS ARE SHOWN BELOW (once a vehicle is selected).

Selector Tips

STEP 1: Select an EV model. Use the manufacturer and model drop-down menus to select a particular model. For more information on EV models, visit the Available EV Models page.

STEP 2: View your results. These show the model’s inlet sockets, and which charger connectors can be used (using an appropriate cable).

NOTE: The charging rates shown may be less than the maximum available, the speed being limited by the vehicle’s on-board charger.

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