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Electric motorcycles 2024

A guide to electric motorbikes

Electric motorcycles 2024

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The electric transport revolution isn’t just restricted to cars; electric motorcycles are proving increasingly popular too.

Although there isn’t as much space to work with for engineers packaging a battery and electric motor, the lighter and simpler systems mean that the big batteries found in electric cars aren’t required in an electric motorcycle for a reasonable range.

Taking up less space on the road, and with easy charging requirements, electric motorcycles could make sense for those with a bike licence – or who are looking to get one. A simple ‘twist-and-go’ set-up mean they are relatively easy to ride, and there’s already a good range of bikes available, with more on their way.

Below we highlight the key factors to take into account, and what support there is for electric motorcycle buyers. Click on the button below to find electric motorcycles on Zapmap, using the model filters in your account.

Plug-in Motorcycle Grant

As with cars, there is a grant available for those looking to buy an electric motorcycle. As long as it’s on a list of approved vehicles from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, new bike buyers can get up to £1,500 off the cost of a new bike.

Core restrictions are that is must weigh at least 50kg without the batteries fitted, produce no tailpipe CO2 emissions, and meet minimum range requirements. Electric mopeds need to be able to cover at least 18.6 miles (30km) on a single charge. Electric motorcycles must cover at least 31 miles (50km) on a charge, and both categories need to reach speeds of at least 25mph (40kmh) to qualify.

Grants are deducted from the price of the vehicle by the dealership, and no applications need to be made by the customer. Further information can be found here.

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme for motorcycles

As of the time of publication, the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) is not available for electric motorcycle buyers. Should charging be possible from a dedicated home charge point, riders are encouraged to install one regardless of grant access.

Electric motorcycle equipment

No additional equipment other than that ordinarily used when riding a motorbike is required for electric motorcycles. A helmet is required by law, while protective clothing is strongly recommended. Boots, gloves, and eye protection are considered key bits of clothing, as are a motorcycle jacket and trousers.

Since riding a motorcycle exposes riders to the elements and offers less protection than a car or other enclosed vehicle, it is recommended that the usual motorcycle kit is worn and maintained. There are certain standards a helmet must adhere to to be considered legal equipment when worn whilst riding a motorcycle.

There are also standards available for other protective clothing and equipment which, whilst not legally essential, do give riders an indication as to the efficacy of the levels of protection on offer. Further advice is available in the Highway Code, and is included as part of Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

There are no specialist items of clothing required over a conventional motorcycle or moped however, and riding one is much the same as a motorbike fitted with a petrol motor – and often simpler.

What is needed to keep the bike running is a charging cable, often supplied with the motorbike. These tend to be plugged into the mains for charging, such is the low load placed on systems by most motorbikes. However, should the option of having a cable that fits a dedicated EV charge point be available, it is recommended that it is taken up. It could allow for faster charging, and will provide a safer charging experience when the point has been installed professionally.

Electric motorcycle filters

We currently include the below motorcycles as available to use in a user’s model filters. Should Zapmap users want their own electric motorcycle listed – and it is not already – get in contact to request it and we shall look to add it to the database.

electric motorcycles - zero

Zero Motorcycles




electric motorcycles - bmw motorrad

BMW Motorrad

      • C evolution
        • Standard
        • Long Range

electric motorcycles - harley-davidson


      • LiveWire
        • Revelation

electric motorcycles - super soco

Super Soco


electric motorcycles - energica



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