Charging your electric car - EV model charging guides

Charging your EV

EV charging guides that cover all aspects of charging, from vehicle range to charging costs as well as details on how to charge your specific model
Paul Grosvenor

Selecting an electric car that is right for you requires careful comparison of the many electric vehicle models now available – with particular attention required for charging an electric car.

Various electric car models can charge at different slow and rapid speeds depending on what on-board charger has been fitted, with some plug-in hybrids unable to rapid charge. Battery capacities also have a significant influence on charging speeds, with larger EV batteries more likely to require rapid charging.

To help you understand the strengths of each particular EV model, we’ve created a number of electric vehicle charging guides that cover all aspects of charging an electric car, including vehicle range, charging inlets, electric car charging times, charging costs, and how to charge each model.