Charging your electric car - EV model charging guides

How to charge your electric car: Model charging guides

Model charging guides that cover all aspects of charging, from vehicle range to charging costs as well as details on how to charge your electric car
Paul Grosvenor

You might have just got an electric car and you’d like to learn more about the nuts and bolts. You may be considering an electric vehicle and are figuring out which electric car model you’d like to buy, lease or even rent.

Whatever your situation, the good news is that you can charge an electric car almost anywhere – and the model charging guides below are for you.


How to charge your electric car

Various electric car models can charge at different slow and rapid speeds depending on the on-board charger that has been fitted. Battery capacities also have a significant influence on charging speeds, with larger electric car batteries more likely to require rapid charging.

Selecting an electric car that’s right for you requires careful comparison of the many electric vehicle models now available – with particular attention required for how you charge your electric car in each case.

To help you understand the strengths of each electric car model, we’ve created a number of electric vehicle (EV) model charging guides that provide all sorts of details on how to charge your electric car.


EV model charging guides

Each of the model charging guides below covers all aspects of charging an electric car, including the vehicle’s range, its charging inlets, its charging times and charging costs, as well as how to charge each particular model.

Whatever stage you're at with your electric car, we hope you’ve had a chance to download the Zapmap app and have already begun to take a look at the EV charging infrastructure in your area.

We know that getting started with an electric car and navigating public EV charging networks can be overwhelming at first.

Our aim is to make the transition to electric as simple as possible for you – not only through the app and desktop map, but also through our handy selection of guides and tools too.