Believ network

Believ network

By: Zapmap


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Believ, formerly known as Liberty Charge, works in collaboration with businesses and local authorities, as well as the communities they serve, to deliver and operate publicly accessible electric vehicle (EV) charge points in the UK.
Rapidly expanding across UK towns and cities, Believ is evolving to serve residents who rely on public charging by offering the full range of charging speeds. 
Drivers can pay for charging through the Believ app, with an RFID card, or by visiting the website. The network charges a small idle fee during daytime hours to avoid its charge points being blocked by vehicles that are not charging. Believ is part of the Zapmap Live data network.

Believ network costs

Believ PAYG

No membership fee

Fast devices: 56p/kWh

Rapid devices: 66p/kWh

No connection fee

Overstay fees apply

Believ membership

£5 per month

Fast devices: 53p/kWh

Rapid devices: 63p/kWh

No connection fee

Overstay fees apply

An overstay fee of 8p per minute is in place for Believ devices (9:30am – 6:30pm, seven days a week) for charging sessions longer than four hours, if the vehicle is still plugged in but no longer charging.
To discover how much it will cost to charge an EV from a Believ charge point, head to Zapmap’s Public Charging Calculator. This allows you to select any new or used plug-in vehicle, and tailor elements – such as electricity cost and charge required – for personalised results. 

How to use the Believ network

Believe charger

Drivers can access the Believ network through the Believ app, with an RFID card, or by visiting the website.


Finding Believ points on Zapmap

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You can currently find Believ points on Zapmap by using the network filter. You can use this on the desktop and mobile apps to display only those points operated by Believ.
Charging types and speeds can be filtered too, showing only those points that are compatible with users’ cars.



About Believ

Believ, formerly Liberty Charge, is an electric vehicle (EV) charge point operator (CPO) on a mission to deliver cleaner air for all. It installs, manages and maintains all speeds of publicly accessible charge points at zero cost to both public and business sectors. Believ uses 100% renewable energy as part of its overarching passion and commitment to minimising the effects of climate change.      
Believ is funded by Liberty Global Ventures and Zouk Capital, the manager of the HM Treasury-backed Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF). Believ partners with sister company Virgin Media O2 in the deployment of charging infrastructure, enabling the installation of charge points at scale and pace throughout the UK.