Volkswagen ID.4 Pro Performance review

Volkswagen ID.4 Pro Performance review



Zap-Map verdict: “A more important model than the ID.3, Volkswagen’s ID.4 combines excellent electric range and options within an SUV shape.”


volkswagen 4 pro performance review


  • OTR: £40,800
  • Category: SUV
  • Tax: £0 VED – 1% BIK
  • Cost to charge: £12.30
  • Emissions: 0 g/km CO2
  • Cost per mile of range: £132

VW ID.4: Range & charging

volkswagen 4 pro performance review

There are four power outputs and two battery capacities available for the ID.4 in the UK. The standard charging speed for 58 kWh models is 110 kW DC and 7.2 kW AC, though the larger 77 kWh battery packs can charge at 125 kW DC and 11 kW AC.

There are four configurations available:

    • ● VW ID.4 Pure – 109 kW – 52 kWh – 213 miles
    • ● VW ID.4 Pure Performance – 125 kW – 52 kWh – 213 miles
    • ● VW ID.4 Pro Performance – 150 kW – 77 kWh – 322 miles
    • ● VW ID.4 GTX – 220 kW – 77 kWh – 301 miles


Volkswagen’s official WLTP driving range for the ID.4 Pro Performance tested is 310 miles on a charge. However, the maximum driving range available from the ID.4 range is 322 miles.

After more than 400 miles of testing, the ID.4 reviewed was returning 270 miles on a charge over a mix of trips, though typically longer and faster routes. A more realistic average for most drivers would be at least 285 miles on a charge with a greater mix of slower roads and greater congestion added to the mix. In fact, many drivers would easily be able to achieve 300 miles per charge on a regular basis.


The VW’s brake energy recuperation system is a very good one, with selectable levels using paddles on the steering wheel. These vary from practically no regen to strong ‘braking’, though there isn’t the ability to pick ‘one-pedal’ driving. You will be able to drive on the throttle only until you actually need to come to a stop, as the strongest setting does a good job of slowing you down, but not the full ‘to a stop’ ability rival offerings have.


Charging is available at up to 125 kW DC using CCS points, though smaller battery models see 110 kW DC charging fitted. Charging times for all models is less than 40 minutes for a 5-80% charge on ultra-rapid points, with AC charging available at up to 11 kW on 77 kWh models and 7.2 kW on 52 kWh versions.

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The VW ID.4 on the road

volkswagen 4 pro performance review

VW’s ID.4 in Pro Performance guise offers a good blend between power and efficiency, with a balanced driving experience and well pitched ‘all-rounder’ status. Power is set at 150 kW (204 hp) in this version, though a more powerful 220 kW GTX model is available, as well as two less powerful versions.

What’s the VW ID.4 like to drive?

You’re not going to get lightning quick reactions and the dynamism of a Porsche from VW’s family workhorse, but the ID.4 drives nicely. Considering it’s taller and longer than the ID.3 I prefer it as a driving experience, with improved levels of comfort and crisper handling. It’s well sorted and the hot GTX model should be interesting to see how they take a performance version.

Otherwise, the Pro Performance hits a sweet spot in terms of performance and handling that many will like, and proves a more characterful car than some of its rivals.

VW ID.4: Comfort & Practicality

volkswagen 4 pro performance review

VW’s ID.4 is huge inside, particularly for passengers. It’s got loads of occupant space thanks to the electric-only platform it’s built on, allowing for different packaging solutions, freeing up interior volume. Boot space is good rather than cavernous, but still useful as a practical family car.

Design and functionality

Minimalism is key to the ID.4’s cabin, with one large touchscreen dominating proceedings and controls, plus a compact digital instrument panel for the driver. I’d prefer the latter to be more flexible in display options, but it does a good job still, whereas the infotainment system could be faster to respond and load at start-up. Otherwise, the cabin is well designed and a lovely place to sit, with seats comfortable even over long distances.

Charging costs


VW ID.4: Tech & Specifications

volkswagen 4 pro performance review

There are four core trim levels to the ID.4 range, across the Pure, Pure Performance, and Pro Performance powertrains – plus the GTX range-topper. Fitted as standard are:


  1. 18-inch alloys
  2. LED headlights
  3. Connected car systems
  4. Keyless start
  5. Wireless phone charging
  6. Rear parking sensors
  7. Digital instrument panel
  8. 10-inch infotainment screen

Volkswagen has put its considerable weight behind the roll-out of EVs, and the ID.4 is one of the key models in its line-up. It’s a blend of Golf and Passat, only electric, and as such a brilliant family car.

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All information above correct at time of publication. Official economy figures, pricing, and tax rates supplied by the manufacturer. Cost to charge based on 0-100% charge at home on a tariff of 16 p/kWh.