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Zapmap Annual Charging Insights Report 2023

Zapmap's Annual Charging Survey, pages and stats

About the EV Charging Survey

The EV Charging Survey Report is conducted by Zapmap to better understand the charging needs of EV drivers, the findings being used to improve Zapmap and EV charging facilities in the UK. The final results for 2023 included 4,282 respondents who drive a fully electric vehicle.

The report presents the results from the survey conducted in 2023, together with findings from previous annual surveys since 2020 (where available).

The issues explored in the survey include: EV ownership, models and motivations for purchase; EV charging at home; and EV charging on the public network – home/close to home charging habits for those with or without private driveways, charger usage, charger types, location types, en-route charging decision making, network preferences, users satisfaction, pricing tolerance and incentives. Detailed sample data is also provided, as are data exports from the Zapmap database.

Annual Survey Stats

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Packed with actionable insights and data analysis, this report will equip your brand with the knowledge you need to gain new customers in the electric vehicle market.
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What's included?

The 52-page report, which includes 40 data slides, is available in PDF format, and is supplied under a single organisation (or individual) license for in-house use only. The content of the report is structured in five sections:

1. Survey overview – Respondents, EV types and models, new versus second hand, EV ownership & satisfaction​

2. EV charging at home – Charger access, parking type, home versus public charging habits, installed services​

3. EV charging on public network – Usage, providers, frequency of use, charger power, location type, en-route charging preferences, rapid/ultra-rapid pricing tolerance, user priorities​

4. Sample data – EV usage, EV models, age distribution, regional distribution, household income, annual EV mileage, vehicle purchase and use

5. Zapmap database – Connectors by power and type, charge devices by network, rapid/ultra-rapid devices by network, all devices by location type, reliability overview

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