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Allstar API partnership

Discover how Allstar integrated with Zapmap Spark to deploy a suite of cutting-edge features for electric car drivers within the Allstar Co-Pilot app.


Owned by FLEETCOR, Allstar Business Solutions is a leading provider of business credit card and electric vehicle fleet solutions.

In January 2024, Allstar’s partnership with Zapmap saw the two companies surface an exciting new suite of features for electric car drivers within the Allstar Co-Pilot app.

To power the app, Allstar required comprehensive public charge point data that would enable Allstar to cater to the growing number of EV fleet drivers on UK roads, deliver a greatly enhanced user experience, and ultimately make life simple for its customers. 

Thanks to Zapmap’s data quality, coverage and accuracy, Allstar chose to integrate with Zapmap Spark, enabling the company to access the UK’s leading source of public charge point data and offer cross-network payments from within the Co-Pilot app.


Allstar Spark


Through a simple integration, Allstar now leverages Zapmap Spark’s Search API, enabling the Co-Pilot app to offer EV charging as well as other refuelling options to fleet drivers across the UK.

The Search API gives Allstar access to unique Zapmap data covering more than 95% of the UK’s public charge points – over 70% of which display live status updates in real time – as well as pricing, power rating and facilities information at charging locations.


"As the market leader in business payment solutions, it remains paramount that Allstar offers a wide range of features within its digital products to ensure the switch to electric is as easy as possible for both fleet managers and drivers," said Tom Rowlands, Managing Director, Fleetcor EV.

“I'm pleased to say that we've integrated with Zapmap Spark, enabling us to not only surface key data for charging devices from across the United Kingdom, but also provide our users with highly accurate data on the locations themselves. Through our partnerships with Zapmap and other industry leaders, we're able to deliver a simple, seamless and value-led user experience for our business customers."


With Zapmap Spark now underpinning Allstar’s Co-Pilot app, EV fleet drivers can enjoy hassle-free charging on the go, and real-time updates for more than 75% of public charging locations available in the app.

Allstar’s multi-branded EV charging network includes over 27,000 connectors, 99.5% of fast, rapid & ultra-rapid chargers, and 85% of motorway charging sites across the UK.

“We are delighted to partner with Allstar as the company continues to develop cutting-edge features within its digital products and make life easier for fleet drivers across the United Kingdom,” said Harrison Brook, Head of Partnerships at Zapmap.

“By using Zapmap Spark’s APIs, Allstar can access data on over 95% of the UK’s public charging locations and unlock digital payment on a number of the highest-rated charge point operators, all through a single integration to our platform.”


Allstar Business Solutions Limited is a business fuel and expense card provider, with over 40 years of expertise. Accepted at over 90% of fuel sites across the UK, it has over 1.1 million cards in circulation across 50,000 businesses, giving drivers’ access to fuel spend at EV charging points, supermarkets, major oil companies and motorway fuel stops.

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