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Our fully customisable calculators, tools and charge point map can help your customers and partners truly get to grips with EV charging.

By: Newicon

Updated: 21/04/23

Zapmap content and tools

Designed for your customers

Researching an EV can throw up a fair few questions. We can provide data-driven calculators and tools, including the charge point map, which can be easily embedded via an I-Frame.

Maine coon Data-driven EV calculators
British Shorthair Customisable Tools & charge point map
Sphynx Easily embedded Into your website

Calculators & tools

Leverage our data-driven tools and charging calculators to provide your customers with the best information possible when they’re making the switch to electric vehicles.

Charge point map

Integrate a fully customisable version of our charge point map into your site, so that potential EV drivers can quickly see the extent of charging infrastructure in their area and across the UK.

Our partnership with Zapmap offers great benefits to our drivers, as Zapmap’s advanced charger mapping removes yet another worry for those new to electric vehicles.

Paul Gilshan, Tusker


Find out how Tusker and Zapmap partnered to support electric car salary sacrifice customers.


Work with us

Zapmap works with many different organisations in the EV industry and beyond. Explore our partnership opportunities.