Nearly 30% would hire an electric car to try one out

Nearly 30% would hire an electric car to try one out


Over a quarter (29%) of car hirers would like to hire an electric car to try one out, according to an Opinium survey of 1,000 car hirers.

Commissioned by, a provider of car hire excess insurance, the survey found that almost one in four (23%) said they would like to hire an electric car to do “their bit” for the environment. The total sample size of the survey was 1,000 UK drivers who have hired a car. Fieldwork was undertaken between 25th May and 1st June 2021. The survey was carried out online.

The survey comes after the results of a Zap-Map survey, released earlier this year, which showed that those switching to electric cars don’t look back, with less than 1% of drivers wanting to return to petrol or diesel after switching to an EV. Of course, buying an electric car isn’t the only option for those interested in EVs.

“When car hirers are weighing up which car to hire, electric cars could be a good option for some. Savings can be made on fuel costs and most rental companies don’t expect you to re-charge before returning the car,” said Ernesto Suarez, founder and CEO of

“Electric vehicles are also often exempt from charges in low emission zones in cities and it can be cheaper or even free to park in many places. As the rental companies expand their range of electric vehicles, they will become an increasingly viable solution for car hirers.”

Indeed, getting hold of an electric car that works for you is easier than you might think. For starters, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly commonplace, as demonstrated in September, which was the biggest month ever for electric vehicles.

However, it’s not only vehicles that are changing. Our approach to how we use them, especially electric ones, is changing too. EV ownership is certainly increasing, but other ways of interacting with EVs – such as subscribing, leasing or renting – are also becoming increasingly common. These different ways of using cars, and the new companies providing these services, are undoubtedly changing the landscape – and how people think about getting hold of a car.

Electric car subscription services, for example, are the newest and most flexible way of getting hold of an electric car. Most – in the UK, at least –  tend to bundle up insurance and maintenance as part of the subscription fee, often offering zero-deposit leases over flexible periods, while many let you switch between different electric vehicles during the subscription period.