Electric Vehicles 2018

While there was a time where there were a limited number of Electric Vehicles (EVs) to choose from, this is now no longer the case with manufacturers investing heavily in their electric ranges and new plug-in models being released regularly. In fact many manufacturers have committed to including substantial numbers of EVs across their ranges within the next three to ten years. The following collection of pages are designed as a guide to electric vehicles.

EV Basics

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Zap-Map’s EV Basics page outlines important technology information and distinguishing characteristics of the different types of electric car. In addition, it talks about the driving experience you will get from an EV and clarifies the environmental benefits of their uptake.

EV Buying Guide

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The Zap-Map Electric Vehicles Buying Guide provides all the information you need to ensure you select an electric vehicle that is catered to your individual needs. It covers costs, grants, the practicalities of owning an EV, and includes a section for fleet owners.

Use Zap-Map’s EV Basics, EV buying guide, Available Models, and EV charging guide pages to learn about this rapidly expanding market and what vehicles may be best suited for you. Zap-Map has also created a unique Connector Selector tool to clarify compatibility between chargers/connectors and the different EV models.

Connector Selector

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Our unique Connector Selector shows which charge points and connector types different EV models are compatible with. With this easy-to-use tool you simply choose a specific vehicle model to generate a list of suitable charger types and connector information.

Available Models

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There are now more than 100 different models of EV and plug-in hybrid to choose from a wide variety of manufacturers. Zap-Map has listed all the available models from superminis to SUVs detailing the price, range, charging options and CO2 emissions.

There are many different types of electric car and it is important that you are fully informed in order to select the model best suited to your individual needs. Zap-Map has carefully designed EV buying guide, Available models, and EV charging guide pages in this electric vehicles guide with this decision in mind.

EV Charging Guides

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There is lots of choice available for electric car buyers, which also means that there are a wide variety of different set-ups on offer. Zap-Map’s EV Charging Guides aim to help by offering a complete walk through of the diverse EV charging systems. Find guides for some of the best-selling EVs by clicking the button below.


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