Alfa Power tackles ICEing

Alfa Power tackles ICEing


Alfa Power has rolled-out parking enforcement systems on its charge points, waging a ‘war on ICEing’. The network has partnered with EV Parking Management to discourage the missuse of parking bays at Alfa Power chargers.

Those drivers that park at an Alfa Power bay and do not plug-in to use it will be issued a fine. The addition of ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras and CCTV at Alfa Power points will see ICEing drivers penalised.

The practice will apply both to those driving internal combustion engine (ICE) models and electric cars. Those plug-in vehicles that park up but do not use the charge point will be subject to the same fines as drivers of cars that cannot be externally charged.

EV Parking Management is a company that has been set up specifically to combat the issue of ICEd EV charging bays. It is regulated by the British Parking Association and is a member of the Approved Operator Scheme.

In the coming weeks, parking systems will be installed at independent Alfa Power sites, with the company keen to work with other networks too.