Alfen launches Eve home charge point

Alfen launches Eve home charge point


Alfen has launched a new home charge point, with the Eve Single S-line offering much of the tried-and-tested Eve’s systems in a domestic package.

The new Eve Single S-line is a smart unit that meets the forthcoming home charge point regulations being put in place for OLEV-grant funding.

Able to dynamically load balance energy usage at home, the Alfen point can also allow owners to make the most of time-of-use energy tariffs, and the Eve Single S-line will adjust charging speeds in single amp increments in response to energy being used in the home. This looks to ensure the fastest charge times while keeping load on the local grid to a minimum.

With Eve units used in a large number of locations as public chargers, Alfen’s reliability has been proven in the real world.

Marco Roeleveld, CEO at Alfen said: “Energy transition requires all energy users to be informed about, and make and act on, decisions about their energy use – and to be rewarded for doing so.

“Charging an electric vehicle at home impacts the homeowner’s energy bill and smart charging data helps to understand exactly how much. Integrating a charge point with solar panels, to optimise self-use of own energy, reduces impact on the grid and saves homeowner’s money.

“A charger that can ramp up and down, or on and off, in response to other electricity being used in the home, or a time-of-use tariff, is effectively allowing the homeowner to act on their energy decisions and save money.”