Allego to provide Radisson hotels with charging facilities

Allego to provide Radisson hotels with charging facilities


Dutch charging provider Allego has partnered with Radisson Hotel Group to build charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) at its hotels. Allego will provide and operate AC and DC charging solutions at more than 220 Radisson Hotel Group locations across Europe.

According to Allego, the goal is for every European Radisson Hotel Group hotel to offer on-site EV charging to its guests by 2025. The charging infrastructure provider and the hotel chain have not yet confirmed how many charging points will be created at each of the 220 locations, but have revealed their strategy in the spread of rapid chargers.

Radisson hotels in high-traffic locations will offer ultra-rapid (150 kW and above) and rapid (50 kW) chargers, while AC chargers will be provided for guests staying overnight or attending meetings and events. The high power chargers are also intended to appeal to shorter stay guests, who will be able to use the on-site restaurants or other “convenient amenities” of the hotels while charging.

The rollout is expected to begin in the United Kingdom and Nordic countries, followed by other European countries such as Germany, France and the Netherlands.

“We are delighted to partner with the Radisson Hotel Group, which represents a key partner for our pan-European EV charging network, supported by their attractive footprint and high-traffic locations,” said Allego CEO Mathieu Bonnet.

“This partnership will allow us to bring our reliable, seamless charging experience and our pan-European network to a larger group of EV drivers and tap into Radisson Hotel Group’s well-situated network of hotels across Europe.”

Currently, 1,628 charging locations in the UK are associated with hotels and accommodation on the Zap-Map database. Of that figure, seven EV charging locations belong to Radisson Blu at present.

Charging itself will be offered with contactless payment via credit or debit card. Allego cites the services of “more than 150 European mobility service providers” here for billing via common charging cards, which is also to be possible.

Allego has won several similar contracts for charging points at corporate sites in Europe over the last few months, albeit on a smaller scale. In Germany, the Dutch charging infrastructure specialist has started to increase the charging capacity from 50 to 150 kW at 40 rapid-charging locations built as part of the EU Fast-E project. In selected locations, 300 kW rapid chargers will also be installed.