Amey to operate Greater Manchester EV charging network

Amey to operate Greater Manchester EV charging network


Amey will take over Manchester’s public EV charging network, with the existing GMEV charge points set to be switched to Be.EV units.

The upgrade of almost 120 fast charge points and installation of 24 new rapid chargers makes up the first phase of work for the new charging network, which has been set up by infrastructure giants Amey.

When fully up and running, it will see the switch over of the current GMEV ‘free to charge’ system – which uses the Charge Your Car set-up – with a ‘pay-as-you-charge’ system.

Having had more than six years of free charging for GMEV members, the region is switching to charging fees to cover costs and establish a reliable and expanded network.

The Be.EV network will span all 10 councils in the Greater Manchester region, and be powered by renewable electricity from Octopus Energy.

John Faulkner, Group Strategy and Development director of Amey, said: “Amey is keen to work with TfGM to roll out green infrastructure across the region. Our aim is to enable Greater Manchester to develop into one of the largest and greenest regional economies in Europe.

“We have put together a consortium with transport technology provider SWARCO and renewable electricity supplier Octopus Energy that delivers technical expertise and a sustainable model for TfGM.”

Charge points from the new network will appear on Zap-Map as they go live. Find charge points in Greater Manchester on the desktop map (below) or app.