Grant backed home EV chargers must be smart

Andersen launches customisable A2


Andersen EV has released its customisable A2 home charge point, with the company offering its smart unit in various different designs.

The A2 comes with 7 kW or 22 kW options – where home infrastructure allows – and has a range of finishes now available, with Andersen EV claiming it’s the first ever customisable premium home charger.

Finishes available range from stainless steel to treated teak for buyers to pick a style that suits their home.

Importantly, internal specifications prove that the A2 is more than just design over function, as it’s compatible with Andersen’s Kønnect app, allowing for smart and subscription-free control.

It’s also able to be connected to solar panels and home energy storage devices, with the Kønnect system available on desktop or android & iOS, giving information on current charging status, live energy usage, charge costs, energy management, and remote locking/unlocking.

David Simpson, Andersen’s technical director said: “EV home charging will become commonplace as we move towards the low-carbon future of electric motoring. That’s why we have designed a smart, future-proof charging unit fit for the electric motorists of today and tomorrow.

“The A2 is a beautiful, customisable unit with state-of-the-art functionality which makes it one of the best looking and best performing EV home charger on the market.

“We know that much of our daily life is now managed via our smartphones, we believe managing your EV’s charger should be no different. We built Kønnect because we wanted our customers to have safe control over their charge point and access to useful data.

“I want to know how much my charge has cost me, and I want to know that someone else isn’t plugging into my charge point and using it without me knowing. For businesses who want to share, control and manage charging across a number of vehicles Kønnect is brilliant work-tool.”

Available with the OLEV EHVS grant, the A2 costs from £785, and is available now.