Deposits being taken for new Audi e-tron

Audi plans e-tron Charging Service


Audi has announced that drivers of its new e-tron pure-EV will have access to more than 72,000 public charge points across Europe with one access card.

The move looks to make charging easier for owners and joins together the access requirements of 220 networks across 16 EU markets. The new e-tron Charging Service is available for all e-tron customers, with simple pricing from a single contract.

Access will be available for all different types of charge point, from slow units to ultra-rapid points providing up to 150 kW. Customers will either be able to scan a QR code on a charge point and start the process using an app, or use an RFID card where required.

From 2019, Audi plans to roll-out its ‘plug & charge’ system, which will allow Audi customers to just plug the e-tron in to a charge point, with access and payment authorised by the car – similar to Tesla’s set-up. Models produced from mid-2019 will have this functionality as standard.

Charging will be available at speeds of up to 150 kW from networks such as Ionity, of which Audi is a partner with the likes of Porsche, Daimler, BMW, and Ford. This cross-European network will be sited on the major routes across Europe and provide charging at speeds of up to 350 kW.

Charging at home or on fast public charge points will be at speeds of up to 11 kW as standard. An optional charging system can increase this to 22 kW in 2019.

The news of Audi’s charging solution comes less than a week ahead of the all-electric Audi e-tron’s launch on Tuesday 18th September, in San Francisco – when it will join the existing A3 Sportback e-tron and Q7 e-tron PHEVs in Audi’s plug-in line-up.

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