BMW 330e range expands to four models

BMW 330e range expands to four models


BMW has announced that it is expanding its plug-in hybrid options in the 3 Series range to four models. Set to join the 330e saloon are the 330e Touring estate and four-wheel drive versions of both.

Already available is the 330e saloon, which is one of the best-selling plug-in cars in the UK. Now in its second generation, the first was only ever available in PHEV specification in saloon form and rear-wheel drive.

The latest 3 Series will see a more comprehensive plug-in hybrid line-up however, with the addition of 330e xDrive saloon and Touring, and 330 Touring.

Electric driving range is largely unaffected by the changes to body style and or drivetrain. The current 330e has a range of up to 37 miles on a charge, while the xDrive saloon sees that drop to 36 miles. The Touring models have a range of up to 34 miles for both versions. All use a 12 kWh battery to achieve the range figures quoted.

The same engine and transmission is carried throughout the line-up, which sees a 2.0 litre petrol engine work with an electric motor for a combined 292 hp maximum – the 330e has an overboost function – and 420 Nm of torque. Standard maximum power is 252 hp.

Performance times vary by up to 0.2 of a second either side of 6.0 seconds, and the top speeds come in between 133 and 143 mph. CO2 emissions are 46 g/km at the worst and as low as 36 g/km, so all sit in the same bands for both car tax and company car tax, the latter since the electric driving ranges all come within the 30-39 miles category.

Fuel consumption figures are rated at 155 MPG for the 330e xDrive Touring, 176 MPG for the 330e Touring, and 166 MPG for the 330e xDrive saloon. The 330e Saloon.

Pricing will be revealed closer to on-sale date in the UK, which is expected to be from summer 2020 for the remaining three models in the 330e range.