BMW launches i Wallbox smart charging service

BMW launches i Wallbox smart charging service


BMW has launched a new charging service with its i Wallbox models, allowing owners to make the most of low energy tariffs or self-generated electricity.

The BMW Digital Charging Service is able to take into account both variable daytime tariffs, and those at predetermined highest and lowest rates. The system means that overnight rates can be taken advantage of easily.

The unit is able to automatically time the start and finish times of each charging process, with the i Wallbox able to always ensure the vehicle has the maximum battery capacity set by the scheduled departure time, and pre-conditioned.

The new system also works with home solar panels to charge any connected plug-in car with renewable energy. The amount of self-generated solar electricity is predicted using the system’s performance data and the weather forecast.

The combination of this information means that the i Wallbox is able to calculate how much solar electricity is not being used in the home, and therefore how much can be diverted to charging the car for as emission-free motoring as possible.

For new BMW i and iPerformance vehicles – those built from July 2017 onwards, a one-year subscription to the BMW Digital Charging Service is included in the purchase cost. Customers can renew their subscription to the service through the ConnectedDrive Store for £45 per year. Models bult before July 2017 can have the service added retrospectively for the same cost.

The service is available on both i Wallbox Connect and i Wallbox Plus models, which see the charging capabilities unchanged. Output of up to 11kW is possible with a three-phase supply.

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