National Grid report tackles EV long distance travel

BP in talks to create charging network at garages


BP is set to install EV charge points on its forecourts after the company’s chief executive Bob Dudley announced that it is in talks to set up partnerships with plug-in car manufacturers.

Reuters reports Dudley told the news agency today (Tuesday 1st August): “We have discussions going on with a lot of the EV manufacturers to have a tie-up with our retail network for charging.”

With a number of announcements recently giving the EV market a boost, BP is looking to join Shell in installing EV charge points at its sites around the world.

The Queen’s Speech made provision for large filling stations to have EV charge points installed, and the UK and France are amongst a handful of countries that will ban the sale of non electrified cars after a certain point, with more set to follow suit. A number of cities both in the UK and around the world are considering bans or charges for non-electric cars too to tackle air quality issues.

On top of this, car manufacturers are investing heavily in electric powertrains, and a number of them are turning to motorsport to accelerate development.

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