Charge Your Car to start £1 connection fee

Charge Your Car to start £1 connection fee


Charge Your Car (CYC) will start applying a £1 connection fee for drivers using its free-to-charge points in England and Wales from the beginning of May.

Being implemented from 1st May because of increasing demand, CYC has seen the number of charges on free-to-use points increase three-fold over the last year.

The new fees will be reinvested back in the company to support CYC’s network demand, the 24-hour customer support telephone line, and development of its resources.

Despite the new connection fee, CYC is reducing its network tariffs to site hosts. The connection fee also only applies to free-to-use points, with no CYC-lead increase in costs for those units that have an existing charging fee.

Those CYC units in Scotland on the ChargePlace Scotland network will continue to have no connection fee, though cross-boarder users will need to be mindful of the different set-ups. Those members from England and Wales will be able to use the ChargePlace Scotland free-to-use points without a connection charge, but Scottish customers will be charged the connection fee when using points in England and Wales.

CYC members are encouraged to make sure they have up-to-date bank details on their registered account, since the unit will not allow charging to start if the user cannot be charged the fee.

Find CYC charge points on Zap-Map by using the network filters on the live map.