Chargemaster rapids part of £18m TfL EV investment

Chargemaster rapids part of £18m TfL EV investment


Chargemaster will install 75 of its Ultracharge rapid charger units in London by the end of this year for use by electric taxi drivers, after being awarded the by Transport for London (TfL). The move will see a further 75 Ultracharge EV charge points installed by the end of 2018, with that network growing to 300 units by 2020.

The company’s Ultracharge units can rapid charge an EV from 0-80% in around 20 minutes. The system can be used with contactless payment using cards, which allows the network to be used in a similar way to other TfL operations in the capital, such as the London Underground and the buses. The units will also be added to Chargemaster’s Polar network, which allows a subscription or pay-as-you-go payment service.

Coming as part of an £18 million investment in charging infrastructure from TfL, Chargemaster’s points will have a low pricing structure – yet to be announced – with costs capped for pay-as-you-go drivers for at least two years.

David Martell, Chief Executive of Chargemaster Plc said: “We are delighted to have been awarded a place on the TfL framework. My team have worked tirelessly with TfL over the last year to meet the demanding criteria.

“Air quality is a huge problem in London and the new electric-powered London taxis will make a significant difference over the next few years. We are delighted to be part of the programme and provide charging solutions across the city to support the next generation of the famous London taxi.”

Ben Plowden, TfL’s Director of Surface Strategy and Planning, said: “Urgent action needs to be taken to clean up London’s toxic air and rid the Capital of the most polluting vehicles. An extensive rapid charging network is fundamental in helping drivers make the shift from fossil fuels to electric.

“This is particularly important for the taxi and private hire trades and the fleet and freight sector, which over the next few years will be looking to dramatically increase the number of journeys made with zero-exhaust emissions.”

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