Citroen Ami urban EV launched

Citroen Ami urban EV launched


Citroen has revealed the Ami – an electric quadricycle intended to provide an urban mobility solution for a huge number of people at a low cost.

It’s not classified as a car, rather it sits in the same category as the Renault Twizy. However, the Ami seats two side-by-side ad has proper doors.

Citroen currently has no plans to bring it to the UK, though hopefully they will reconsider in the future. The main reason for this is just how accessible the Citroen Ami is.

Customers can get one for just 6,000 euros – around £5,000 – and there are various long-term loan packages that could see drivers in the Ami for 19.99 euros a month for 49 months after an initial payment of a little over 2,600 euros.

Car sharing from PSA Group’s provider Free2Move is also available from 0.26 euros per minute with a monthly subscription of less than 10 euros.

citroen ami urban ev launched

It’s not just the price that is so accessible. Because of its classification as a quadricycle, the Ami can be driven by those without a car licence, and in France from the age of 14.

Capable of speeds up to 28 mph, the pure-electric Ami has a 5.5 kWh battery for a range of up to 43 miles. Charging is from a conventional mains plug socket and will take around three hours, with a tethered cable housed in the passenger door opening.

Similar in principle and design to the Ami concept car shown at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, the Citroen retains the asymmetrically mounted doors and a number of identical body panels that make the car cheaper to produce and repair.