Citroen reveals electric MPV with ë-SpaceTourer

Citroen reveals electric MPV with ë-SpaceTourer


The Citroen ë-SpaceTourer has been launched, with the pure-electric MPV offering a range of up to 143 miles on a single charge.

Following on from the launch of the Citroen ë-Dispatch van and Peugeot e-Traveller, Citroen’s version of the electric MPV arrives with a 50 kWh battery and seating for up to nine.

Sharing a platform with the PSA Group electric van – available from Citroen, Peugeot, and Vauxhall – and the Peugeot MPV, the ë-SpaceTourer also features AC charging at up to 11 kW, and 100 kW DC ultra-rapid charging.

This means that charging times are around 7.5 hours from a 7 kW fast charger, a little under 5 hours on an 11+ kW point, and half an hour for a rapid charge – or around one hour on a 50 kW rapid point.

Two versions are available – Feel and Business. Feel is available as a five-, seven-, or eight-seater, and is offered as a conventional MPV. Business can offer five to nine seats, and targeted at businesses such as hotel shuttles, taxis etc. A range of configuration options means the ë-SpaceTourer can be tailored to fit the customer’s needs.

Two brake energy recuperation settings are available; Standard with little regen, and Enhanced for strong motor braking. Likewise, there are three driving modes of Normal, Eco, and Power, which alter power outputs to 80 kW, 60 kW, and 100 kW respectively.

Connected car services are available to select charging times, check charge, and precondition the vehicle. Levels of equipment on offer are high, and include a head-up display, smartphone connection via Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and a suite of safety systems.

Prices are yet to be announced, though Citroen has stated that the ë-SpaceTourer is set to arrive in UK dealerships towards the end of 2020.