Impact of coronavirus on public EV charging networks

Impact of coronavirus on public EV charging networks


While the ongoing coronavirus situation did reduce car usage significantly, with the lifting of lockdown restrictions travel has returned to more normal levels.

Temporary restriction updates on Zap-Map

Zap-Map has been coordinating with public charging networks with an aim to provide as up-to-date information as possible on which charge points are impacted by any site closures due to coronavirus.

When we are made aware of a partial or total accessibility issue, either from the network or direct from EV drivers, we are updating charge points with a new temporary restriction message.

The restriction message can be seen in the Info tab on charge points and on the main device page on the app. Please let us know via the app if you spot any issues with charge points, such as being accessible behind a barrier or changed opening times, or give any general feedback via email on

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Network status updates

Below is a summary of number of inaccessible chargers by networks based on the information collated by Zap-Map from both network operators and users. Charging devices which are known to be affected are labelled as inaccessible within the information shown on Zap-Map’s desktop map and mobile apps.

Networks with access to one or more charge points restricted due to coronavirus situation (updated 26/10/2021):

bp pulse: 10 charge points
• ChargePlace Scotland: 11 charge points
EB Charging: 2 charge points
Osprey: 2 charge points
Other: 1 charge point
Swarco E.Connect: 1 charge point
Tesla Destination: 9 charge points
York City Council: 2 charge points

While the figures shown are approximate and subject to change, Zap-Map shall endeavour to keep the above information as up to date as possible.

Note that affected charge points may be either totally inaccessible or subject to reduced opening hours. Please therefore check Zap-Map before travelling to a charge point for the latest updates.

Networks assisting travel of key workers and/or emergency personnel during the coronavirus situation:

Alfa Power: Free charging for all NHS workers.
Franklin Energy: Free access to EV charging for key workers.
Source London: Free access to EV charging for NHS & Met Police staff.
Symphony EV: Free use of electric vehicle fleet offered to hospitals, vulnerable groups, and the elderly across the Liverpool city region.

Zap-Map Coronavirus Impact Survey

Zap-Map has worked with the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) to conduct a survey with the aim of understanding the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on EV charging in the UK.

The survey is now complete and results published. You can view the findings by clicking the button below.

The results will be made available to the UK Government so that they are aware of any issues with EV charging infrastructure at this, as well as charging networks and other organisations that help ensure charge points are available for key workers.

Zap-Map coronavirus policy

Zap-Map fully supports the UK Government’s official guidelines in regards to travel. As such, any guidance given here should not be seen as an encouragement to travel, but is intended to provide assistance to those who rely on electric vehicles.

When using charge points, and in line with government advice on ‘high-touch’ services, it is recommended that drivers wash their hands each time after coming in contact with the charger and/or connector. Use of an alcohol-based hand sanitiser is recommended when hand-washing facilities are not available.