Costs for Tesla Superchargers set to come in

Costs for Tesla Superchargers set to come in


There are just a few days left for potential Tesla customers to make the most of lower purchase prices and free access to the Supercharger network. As of Sunday 15th January, changes will come into effect that mean the cost of buying and running a Tesla will go up.

Because of a weaker pound post-Brexit, Tesla announced that it was to put up prices by 5%, originally at the end of 2016. However, because of the demand, that date was put back two weeks.

Now, any Tesla Model S and Model X that is ordered by 15th January and built by 15th April will benefit from the existing pricing and charging set-up, with free unlimited Supercharging.

Tesla will also be bringing a cost set-up to charge on the company’s Supercharger network. Details aren’t confirmed yet but it is expected to be a small cost, and Tesla has announced that it is being brought in to be able to reinvest in the network and grow it further.

Existing owners and those that order their car in the next couple of days will retain free Supercharger use. Those who buy after this weekend will be charged for its use but will receive 400 kWh of free Supercharging each year – enough for around 1,000 miles of range.