Drive Energi network to bring 2,500 rapid EV chargers to the UK

Drive Energi network to bring 2,500 rapid EV chargers to the UK


Box Energi is set to roll-out 2,500 rapid EV charge points across the UK, as part of a new Drive Energi network. The double-header units will be available on a pay-as-you-go basis with contactless bank card access.

Since there are currently a little over 2,300 EV rapid charge devices in the UK, the news will more than double the existing infrastructure in the country. However, a number of expansion plans from the likes of BP Chargemaster, Engenie, and InstaVolt mean the market is moving forward at pace.

Having signed a deal with Australian charge point manufacturer Tritium, Drive Energi will have at least 100 sites live by the end of January 2020. Each site will feature up to two 50 kW rapid chargers, with CCS and CHAdeMO connectors.

Pricing information hasn’t been revealed yet, but with contactless access, it will be calculated on a price-per-kWh basis. There will be no connection or membership fees. Typical costs for similar rapid charging set-ups are around 30-35p/kWh – though Drive Energi hasn’t indicated whether it will work with this sort of cost.

James Moat, CEO of Drive Energi said: “These chargers are not only the fastest and most advanced in their class, but incredibly easy to use and, with the world’s smallest physical footprint, to deploy as well – particularly in our cities and high-density areas where space is increasingly limited.”

Kevin Pugh, Business Development Manager for UK and Republic of Ireland, Tritium, commented: “Drive Energi is an exciting addition to the market with a vision to build a new network offering charging confidence with the EV driver’s needs at its core.

“With the average daily commute in the UK in the vicinity of 20 miles, a single 20-minute charge will add about three days of range to an EV. The sheer scope of the proposed Drive Energi network means that people will easily be able to find a charger, no matter where they are and no matter when they need it.”

Rapid charging network InstaVolt currently use the same charge points, so they are tried and tested in the UK, with positive feedback from customers. In a Zap-Map survey last year, InstaVolt was the top public network (behind only the Tesla-only Supercharger set-up), with particular praise for its ease of use and access – traits Drive Energi is expected to share.

As the charge points go live, Zap-Map wil add them to the site. Click the button below to find existing EV rapid chargers, with a Contactless Bank Card filter available too.