E.On rolls out ultra rapid EV chargers

E.On rolls out ultra rapid EV chargers


E.On has opened its first ultra-rapid EV charge points in the UK, with two 175 kW units at Birmingham Armada, just off the M6.

Both chargers are dual-header points, with CCS and CHAdeMO connectors available to EV drivers. Access is via contactless/smartphone payment, or by using the E.On drive app – with or without an E.On RFID tag – or by logging on to the E.On EV Pay website for pay-as-you-go access.

The new UK units complement a network of more than 3,000 E.On charge points across Europe. The points offer faster charging speeds than any EV currently on the road in the UK can accept. EVs plugging in to the points will charge at the maximum rate the car can deal with on the DC chargers.

Hannah Collishaw, Director of E.ON Drive in the UK, said: “Driving an electric vehicle is fast becoming a decision of lifestyle, for which charging flexibility and choice are key. Drivers tell us they want to be able to plug in at work and at home, but it’s also vital they can access a network of charge points across the country. And in today’s fast-paced world, few can afford to idle for hours waiting for a full battery.

“This is about enhancing the experience of driving an electric vehicle in this country, driving down charging times and providing a choice of locations. Our charging network in Europe is expanding and I’m delighted to be now bringing it to the UK.”