EB Charging signs agreement with Q-Park to install 600 chargers in UK and Ireland

EB Charging signs agreement with Q-Park to install 600 chargers in UK and Ireland


EB Charging, an electric vehicle (EV) charging provider owned by Blink Charging, has announced an agreement with European parking infrastructure owner and operator Q-Park to deploy nearly 600 charging points across 80 sites in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The agreement, totalling over £3 million, will see EB Charging roll out almost 600 charging points across Q-Park’s portfolio of parking facilities in the UK and Ireland. Installations are due to commence in July 2022 and will include the modernisation of the existing charging infrastructure with EB Charging’s state-of-the-art hardware.

As part of the agreement, EB Charging will be responsible for the installation of the EV charging hardware and for the management of the charging provision, including a 24/7 customer support service to Q-Park EV customers.

“We are delighted to reach this historic agreement with Q-Park UK and Ireland. This ambitious project delivers substantial benefits to Q-Park’s customers and accelerates the electric charging points as the demand for charging increases,” said Alex Calnan, Managing Director of EB Charging.

“Both EB Charging and Blink look forward to working closely with the team at Q-Park, and together, help clean the air that we breathe as we provide for more electric vehicles.”

On completion of the deployment programme, discussions will begin on future phases, with Q-Park aiming to remain at the forefront of EV charging in the parking market.

“The world is changing and we’re happy to contribute with our portfolio and operations to the new environment we are in,” said Adam Bidder, Managing Director of Q-Park UK and Ireland.

“We already lead the way on electric vehicle charging in the private parking sector, even so we undertook a lengthy consultation process to ensure that we found the correct strategic partner to add value to our existing parking and charging proposition.”

Blink acquired EB Charging in April, with the move marking Blink’s first entry into the UK. The acquisition added more than 1,150 chargers, installed or committed for delivery, to Blink’s footprint and marks an important step in the company’s expansion, with Blink now present in more than 18 countries.

“We acquired EB Charging precisely because of its strong market presence and reach across Europe, alongside its innovative and complementary charging technology,” said Michael Farkas, founder and CEO of Blink.

“With this agreement, we will increase the accessibility of charging ports across the UK, Ireland and beyond, including more than doubling Q-Park’s existing charging portfolio. We are excited to rapidly expand our presence in the UK and beyond, and continue to fuel Europe’s position as a leader in the transition to EVs.”