Edinburgh and City Car Club partnership makes 7 EVs available to the public

Edinburgh and City Car Club partnership makes 7 EVs available to the public


Edinburgh has a new fleet of electric vehicles on its streets thanks to a partnership backed by the Scottish government and City Car Club. Seven Nissan LEAFs have been placed at electric vehicle charging bays across Edinburgh and can be rented by members of City Car Club. The company will take delivery of a further 13 new electric vehicles in the coming weeks, as part of a government-backed programme to increase public awareness and drive the uptake of electric vehicles.

With support from the Scottish Parliament, the new electric vehicles will provide Edinburgh residents and visitors with a convenient and even more environmentally friendly way of getting around the city and surrounding area. The car sharing scheme is a cost-effective alternative to car ownership and an environmentally-friendly, hassle-free supplement to public transport.

The electric cars will be much cheaper to run per mile than petrol or diesel vehicles. Nissan LEAFs have a mileage cost of 5p per mile, compared to 21p per mile for petrol-powered cars. The usual time rate will apply to Nissan LEAF users, costing £6.20 per hour, or £52 for a whole day.

Each Nissan LEAF will also be fitted with the latest telematics technology, which will allow City Car Club to receive constant updates on the condition of the cars, so that maintenance can be scheduled quickly and efficiently without affecting availability to members.

Brian Swallow, Managing Director of City Car Club said: “Edinburgh is a wonderful example of a city that is really engaging with sustainable transport. From our experience in the daily rental market, we know that the public is really curious about electric vehicles, although some people are concerned about driving longer distances in them. Getting people in these vehicles breaks down those barriers. Edinburgh residents who a need a car every now and then for a short journey will find these electric vehicles budget friendly, flexible and very convenient to use.”

City of Edinburgh Council’s Transport Convener, Councillor Lesley Hinds, said: “The use of electric vehicles for car sharing is an effective way of reducing traffic congestion and the harmful effects of vehicle emissions and we welcome any initiative that provides increased access to sustainable forms of transport.”

Des Reid, a City Car Club ‘super user’ based in Edinburgh, added, “For someone like me who only uses a car a couple of times a month, car sharing makes complete sense for my wallet as well as the environment. The LEAF is amazing to drive and more than capable of covering well above its basic mileage range thanks to the rapidly improving charging network in Scotland. It’s excellent to see a greater choice of electric vehicles available.”