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Electric Avenue created in London


Siemens and ubitricity have installed an ‘Electric Avenue’, having fully kitted-out Sutherland Avenue in London so that all of the street’s lampposts are fitted with EV charge points.

The street, which is over half a mile in length, has seen EV charging units installed in each of Sutherland Avenue’s 24 lampposts.

With on-street residential EV charging particularly important to the uptake and use of EVs in urban areas, the work by ubitricity and Siemens for Westminster City Council will be welcome news to many.

Work fitting EV charge points to existing lampposts on two adjoining roads to ‘Electric Avenue, W9’ is due to be completed in the coming weeks. The chargers are adding to an on-street residential charge point network in Westminster that already has almost 300 lamppost-based units installed.

Since the units are on the ubitricity network, charge points will be available to find on Zap-Map as soon as they go live. The network is a dynamic data partner of Zap-Map, allowing users to view live status updates as to whether a charge point is in use, available, or out of order.