Electric Mini launched by Swind

Electric Mini launched by Swind


Swind has launched a new EV that looks rather familiar, with the Wiltshire-based company set to produce a limited run of restored Minis – albeit converted to run off an electric powertrain.

The classic Mini boasts an 80 kW (110bhp) motor and 125 mile range on a single charge. A nippy 9.2 second 0-62mph time should combine with the little runabout’s famous go-kart handling to provide an ideal car for urban driving.

electric mini launched swind

Launched at the London Classic Car Show, the Swind E Classic Mini costs from £79,000, which buys a fully restored Mini in left- or right-hand drive, with a number of upgrades. Features such as an infotainment system, USB charging, and heated floor and seats are available, as is a fabric roof and air conditioning.

The 24 kWh battery is charged via a Type 2 inlet, with a charging time of 4 hours indicating an on-board charger of around 6 kW. A total of 100 models will be available to buy, with orders able to be taken now.