Electrosymph charge adapter goes international

Electrosymph charge adapter goes international


SYMPHONY EV has revealed that its ELECTROSYMPH charging adapter is now being used worldwide. The award winning adapter is being widely used in mainland Europe and the USA.

SYMPHONY EV’s adapter enables owners of any domestic socket electric vehicle to use public charging points. The design was recently reconfigured to work with Euro Schuko sockets and American two pin 120V plugs.

The ELECTROSYMPH adapter can be used with a large number of vehicles, from off-road utility vehicles, to road-legal EVs. It also allows vehicles like the G-Wiz and Twizy to use the majority of public charging points, rather than just the handful of three-pin points that are otherwise available.

Having achieved success with the ELECTROSYMPH in the UK, SYMPHONY EV then modified the adapter to be able to use plug sockets in other markets. In the UK it is being used with vehicles at the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, and the three-wheel SAM EV, maximising the efficiency of these vehicles.

Visit SYMPHONY EV’s website for more information on the ELECTROSYMPH adapter, or Zap-Map’s charging pages for details on EV charging.electrosymph