Engenie and Good Energy partner to support EV charging

Engenie and Good Energy partner to support EV charging


Good Energy has agreed a deal with Engenie to provide support to businesses looking to invest in EV charge points.

The deal sees energy provider Good Energy set to work with EV rapid charging specialists Engenie to help organisations get points in the ground and further boost the UK’s public charging infrastructure.

Currently with more than 31,000 connectors on 18,000 EV charging devices at over 11,000 locations, the UK’s charging network is expanding quickly.

The new partnership will see two well established companies work together for a comprehensive charge point offering. Engenie is on course to install 2,000 rapid chargers in the UK by 2024, whilst Good Energy – alongside supplying 100% renewable electricity – has also invested in the EV charging space, including in Zap-Map.

Good Energy already has a One Point service, which is being piloted across the country. It provides destination and workplace charge points to landlords, businesses, and organisations, packaging together advice, chargers, installation, and energy supply.

The new deal with Engenie sees the addition of DC rapid charging to the service, allowing business owners to install charge points that suit their requirements.

Good Energy’s CEO and Founder, Juliet Davenport, said: “More and more businesses are aware of the need to invest in clean transport. This new partnership means Good Energy can offer businesses a full range of EV charging needs, and, more importantly, is powered by 100% renewable power. Working with Engenie is the perfect complement to our own One Point service, and we are eager to get going.”

Ian Johnston, CEO of Engenie said: “We understand that there is no one‐size fits all approach and that different businesses require different types of charging infrastructure, driven by what their customers truly need. Our partnership with Good Energy will make it as convenient as possible for businesses, landlords and local authorities to realise the benefits of EVs and EV charging infrastructure and support the transition to a low carbon future.”

Zap-Map displays those points added as part of the service and supplied by renewable electricity from Good Energy. This can be found within the charge point’s information tab, under the ‘Facilities’ section, as seen in the example below. Engenie is one of Zap-Map’s dynamic data partners, which allows users to see live status information on the network’s points, as to whether a unit is available, in use, or out of action.

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